Charlie’s Angels Gets A New TV Reboot

"Lucy Liu... with my girl, Drew... Cameron D..." Yeah we know it's been a while, but how do you get a tune that catchy out of your head? And now, finally, it seems like we may not need to, with whispers of a
Charlie's Angels
TV show pilot set to go into production. After a year in development, which has resulted in a massive failure to launch and subsequent overhaul including new writers (the creators of Smallville), Charlie's Angels is finally ready to be piloted by ABC. A remake of the iconic 1970s show starring Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith, also aired by ABC, we'll be watching keenly to see how true the new show is to it's voluminously-haired roots. It looks like the project will shoot in Miami (sun, surf and babes, no surprises there!) and Drew Barrymore is hopping back on board as an executive producer, although there's no word on who the leads will be yet... We've started our own speculations, so who do you think should play the roles of Charlie and his three crime-fighting bombshells? (Deadline)