Our Golden Moment With Chanel Iman And The DKNY Million Dollar Fragrance


Chanel Iman glistened in gold at the DKNY flagship store last night — highly appropriate considering she had heavy sparkle competition courtesy of the DKNY Golden Delicious
Million Dollar Fragrance Bottle
. Designed by Martin Katz, the perfume bottle (for the 1%, no doubt) was carefully revealed by the adorable DKNY-adorned Chanel — who stars in the ads for the new scent — while surrounded by men-in-black bodyguards set to protect the gold, sapphire, and diamond-encrusted treasure.

In the spirit of the evening, Chanel rocked a full-on golden beauty look by way of the Estée Lauder Pale Color Eye Shadow Palette in Desert Heat, MAC bronzer and Iridescent Powder in Golden Bronze, and gold foil nails. While the rest of the crowd ogled the million-dollar-bottle (soon to be sold with net proceeds benefitting Action Against Hunger), we were able to grab a moment with Chanel to chat about makeup, her personal connection to this fragrance, and whether she'd rather have the diamond perfume or the diamond bra.

Are you typically a gold girl? Or is silver more your thing?
"Gold is really nice. I love gold, especially because I love my body bronze. I highlight down the nose and also right below the eyebrow — it's the perfect place to put gold shimmer. And right above the cheeks, as well. But you want to choose one or the other. You don't want to look like a light bulb or anything."

You're on a crazy time crunch (we're talking like 5 minutes) — what products do you use to pull it together fast?
"My mascara, my eyebrow kit, and my concealer. And a black liquid liner."

Do you remember the first perfume you ever purchased?
"It would probably be (the original) Be Delicious, which is very exciting since I did this fragrance with DKNY. This was my very first fragrance [campaign], so it was really awesome to be a part of it."

Million-dollar perfume or million-dollar bra?
"I can't say. I want them both. Actually, I don't want the million-dollar perfume, I'd rather give it. From the bottom of my heart, honestly, I'd rather give. So maybe I'd buy the perfume because the net proceeds of the sale go to an amazing charity for DKNY."

What was your reaction when you first saw the million-dollar perfume bottle? Too much bling, or the more bling the better?
"I was excited just because of what's behind it. I think it's a beautiful bottle for someone very special."

Of all the amazing models you've ever worked with, who would you go to first, for the best beauty advice?
"Maybe Adriana [Lima]. I always go to her for advice. And Tyra! Tyra knows all the beauty secrets."

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