It’s Chafing Season — Let Us Help You

Photo: Courtesy of Body Glide.
There’s so much to love about summer — relaxing beach days, backyard BBQs, short workdays on Friday (for the truly lucky ones). But with all the perks, there are always a few negatives that can prevent us from enjoying everything the warm-weather season has to offer. For example (as the temperatures and hemlines rise), we’ve hit peak chafing season.
Chafing is not solely a plus-size person problem; anyone whose thighs touch has felt that all-too-familiar sting of raw flesh against raw flesh. Ouch. But before you suffer even one more irritating day of being rubbed the wrong way, look to the anti-chafe products ahead. From little lace bands to Speed Stick-style ointment, these are the best items (I've tried them all, personally) that will save your skin. Click through to see our picks, and tell us your hot-day hacks in the comments!