Surprising Celeb Transformations From The Last 5 Years

Let's take it back now, people, to 2008. Social-media addicts begrudgingly accepted “The New Facebook,” Dan and Serena were still an item, Katy Perry kissed a girl, and everybody was getting low (low, low, low, low, low, low, low). A few of our favorite females today had yet to walk a red carpet, be the face of an ad campaign, or, as far as they were concerned, have The Fashion Police oh so gently inform them of their style mishaps. In fact, many were almost unrecognizable compared to their contemporary selves. It may have been only a few short years ago, but with the help of hairstylists, major career success, and a little growing up, these leading ladies have truly come into their own.
Of course, part of their changing appearance is reflective of universally evolving trends. May we never forget that velour tracksuits were once coveted, too. One thing we can’t deny, though, is that as these stars adjusted to being in the public eye, their sense of style improved by leaps and bounds. They’re choosing silhouettes that are not only flattering but daring. Their poses now feel more confident and powerful. They learned that less is more, and sometimes a neutral is just as statement-making as a neon. Most important: They took risks that paid off in spades.
Not convinced five years can make a major difference? Click ahead to see how Kylie, Kim, Lena, Rihanna, J Lawr, and more have totally transformed themselves and developed the signature styles you associate them with today. Now, we'll just have to wait to see what the next five will bring...

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