21 Celeb Dogs — Match The Star Owners To Their Pups!

Do you ever look at your pooch lazing the day away and think, "Man, I want your life!"? Well, how about living in the canine fast lane as a major-leaguer's mutt? We're not sure if they chow filet mignon for dinner, but we highly doubt it's Kibbles 'n Bits for celeb pups. Especially considering the fact that they regularly attend awards shows, have starring roles in YouTube vids, and receive swag like it's going out of style. Regular old Fidos these Hollywood pups are not, but they do hit the SoCal dog parks and sildewalks, and do their doo-ties just like the rest of our plebeian pets.
Well, since these VIDs (Very Important Dogs) deserve more than a Paris Hilton-style parade, we thought we'd give you a treat, and mix things up with a little tail-wagger trivia. Click through this heavy-hitter litter gallery, and see if you can match each adorable pooch with its elite owner. It's a bow-wow-wow-yippie-yo-yippie-yay Tuesday!