10 Celebrities Breaking The Style Rules At New York Fashion Week

Photo: Andrew Toth/Getty Images.
At Fashion Week, what celebrities are wearing front row has become just as — if not more — talked about than what's being sent down the runway. And what we've learned from the mass of actors, singers, and It Girls flocking to shows year after year is simple: If you're not making a statement, well, you might as well go home.

This season in particular, we've see the notion of a dress code go out the window, making room for the wild, weird, and the completely rule-defying. Forget simple, sexy shifts and super-feminine silhouettes: Instead, these women are taking today's trends and twisting them, proving that fashion — and looking and feeling your best — has no bounds.

From Kylie Jenner's definition of a power suit (crop top included), to R29 fave Baddie Winkle's killer muumuu (printed with none other than her own face), we've rounded up 10 celebs who have said "F*ck the fashion rules" at NYFW and realized that it's about time getting dressed was fun.

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