All The Celebs At New York Fashion Week Right Now

Michael Kors show, Spring Summer 2016, New York Fashion Week, America - 16 Sep 2015
Olivia Wilde and Naomi Watts
16 Sep 2015

PHoto: Gregory Pace/BEImagesWe expect a lot from our celebrities' fashion sense, whether it's on the red carpet, magazine covers, or in the intimacy of their own bedroom selfies. And though they can hire stylists to do all the thinking for them, it's nice to see a few taking matters into their own hands by doing a bit of homework. That is what we assume draws select celebs to the front row at New York Fashion Week.
Well, that and the fact that watching fashions debut on the runway can be every bit as exciting as sitting front row at a stadium concert. Then, there are the parties. There's also the chance meetings that occur when celebrities that might not otherwise exist in the same orbit come together. Also: lots of models. So let's just say hitting a show or two at NYFW does not seem like homework at all. But we're keeping our eyes peeled to see which of these celebs step out next spring in a piece on display this week.
In the meantime, enjoy a little gallery of celebrities as audience members.