The Carrie Bradshaw Guide To Beating Summer Heat In Style

Summer in New York City tends to get a bad rap. June, July, and August are filled with temperatures we never want to experience, smells we never want to take a whiff of, and sweltering apartments we never want to live in. And yet, we take the humidity head-on, because we love the city we call home — in all its sweat and glory.
No one, however, loved New York more than Carrie Bradshaw, who turned its concrete streets into her sartorial playground, regardless of what season it was. And because Carrie was such a fan of skimpy dresses and teeny-tiny crop tops, summer was the time of year she could truly embrace her personal style.
Wondering how to look good as you're sweating to death on the subway platform? Look to the Sex and the City icon for 19 flawless (and seriously on-trend, even so many years later) tips and tricks for beating New York's summer heat while looking — and feeling — amazing along the way.