Looking For Some Manolos? You Can Now Shop Carrie Bradshaw’s Closet

Carrie Bradshaw, that voguish New York vanguard who once issued "a woman's right to shoes" manifesto, was one of our first allies in the fashion fight. Even if she was supposed to be just a figment of HBO's (at times far-fetched) imagination, her passion for personal style feels all too real around this office. Of course, our friends at The Coveteur feel it, too (they already make profiling wardrobe warriors their daily biz!), and they're bringing television's most iconic closet back to life.
Those "me no likey" bejeweled panties from her runway debut; the "hello lover!" Louboutin's for her Big night on the town; even that almost-trashed Dolce & Gabbana tunic –– portent of the Aidan breakup –– get the traditional Coveteur treatment, with a twist, of course. Like all of the Coveteur's inside peeks, outfits are explained and itemized with Carrie's signature quirk, but this time, the ensembles are actually shoppable. It's Carrie clothes, in real life like we've always dreamed! Head over to the site to browse and buy your favorite looks! Hello, lovah. (The Coveteur)

Photo: Courtesy of The Coveteur