Inside R29: Our Great Escape

Every once in a while, we could all use a little refueling...of rest, a wholesome meal, a mani/pedi, and most definitely, a boost of inspiration. That, of course, applies to our team here at R29 HQ, as well. To help us keep the creative juices flowing, we had the pleasure of hosting artist Caris Reid who worked with us to create awesome collages — and specifically, enjoy a fun night of arts and crafts.
The theme of the evening: escapism. And, boy, did we ever let our minds take a little trip. The results were filled with ice cream that was more desert than dessert, tastes of outer space, and old magazine clippings made new. Check out all of our inspired creations from some of the very creative minds on our team.
We wont keep all the fun to ourselves. If you want to try out your own evening of art, Reid hosts a weekly collage class at The Oracle Club in Long Island City.
Photographed by Guang Xu