Ditch Your Purses — The Cargo Comeback Is Imminent

The totes, the crossbodies, the clutches, the straw bags. Our closets are basically bursting at the hinges with an amalgamation of different purse styles we've collected over the years. But, those are all about to catch a break. Extra-large cargo pockets are creeping their way back onto all of your clothing — and soon, you'll be able to go hands-free.
We already know that everyone loves a good dress with pockets. But, as soon as anyone says the word "cargo," it's followed by a resounding groan. And we don't get it. What's not to love about a pocket that can fit not just an iPhone, but an iPhone 7 Plus? Or one large enough to sneak your own candy into the movie theater? Yup: These skirts, dresses, pants, and jackets aren't just chic and elevated — they're wildly practical for an on-the-go lifestyle.
Next time you think of "cargo," think utilitarian, think cool, think completely pragmatic. Or, just think about never having to carry a purse again. We're sold!