The Battle Over West Egg: We Attempt To Recast Jay Gatsby (Sorry Leo)

At all of the swanky cocktail parties in town, lately, everyone and their mother seems to be abuzz about Baz Luhrmann's upcoming take on The Great Gatsby. We've been anxiously awaiting any news on the F. Scott Fitzgerald remake front, and the seductively stylish poster has finally been released!
Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan was a d.u.h. casting home run á la Michelle Williams as Marilyn, but we've been sort of on the fence about the Leo DiCaprio/Jay Gatsby sitch. While we swoon for LD any day of the week, Robert Redford has a saucier, more mega-masculine, almost wolf-like allure that timelessly reads on-screen with what we imagined in the book.
That's why we're not shocked that the poster's spotlight shines on Ms. Mulligan, and that perfectly executed cat eye. Do you think the producers are on to people's wishy-washiness with their pick for (arguably) the most interesting man in fictional history? Where do you weigh-in on this Christmas release's casting, and whom do you envision hosting the hottest pretend galas of this century instead? We vote for Christian Bale, Jude Law, Michael Fassbender, or Jon Hamm.

Photo: Via Adweek