Rad Or Bad: Is This Fall Trend Deadly Hot Or Just Plain Deadly?

Ladies and gents, get your guns out! We're taking on a fall trend that may well ignite a heated debate. Because, well, we're also a team divided! Pardon the military references, but we're talking about camouflage. While we've been of two minds over the resurgent print (cue that cringe-worthy eighth-grade army surplus parka), our recent shopping jaunts—just browsing, promise—have pushed our opinion firmly to the front-lines. Without further ado, check out our roundup of 16 camo pieces we're craving right now. Boots, bags, and more—our list for gals and guys presents lots of ways to get your camo on come fall. But, moment of truth time: What do you think? Are you ready to fight for the pattern, or do we have to declare you a sartorial enemy?
Click here to see 16 new camo pieces. Is the trend battle-worthy or blah?