I Tried Cake’s New Vibrator & It’s A Suction Star

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In a sea of increasingly popular suction vibrators, it can be hard to know which new arrivals are destined to be quickly forgotten and sent packing and which are stars, ready for their meteoric rise from obscurity to our sex toy hall of fame (aka a coveted spot in our bedside table). Which was exactly what we wondered when we came across Star Sucker, a celestially-inspired vibrator that, at the very least, sticks out for its unique shape. But does this new ingenue have what it takes?
If you're not familiar with sexual wellness brand Cake, right now is the perfect time to get acquainted. Cake prides itself on its specialty products, which are designed with specific sex acts in mind. From tasty edible lubricants to tingling sex oils to backside play, Cake's mission is to help the world have more fun sex, one satisfying product at a time. And yesterday, Cake added a new classic to its highly-tailored lineup of sex toys, Star Sucker: a dual-function clitoral vibrator, designed for both broad stimulation and pin-point suction.

Suction vibrators have been at the top of their game, so we were intrigued to find one that acts as a broad vibrator as well. Usually, suction vibrators are limited to non-touch air stimulation, but that's not the case with this waterproof toy. Curious, I got to work testing out Star Sucker to see exactly where this vibrating suction toy stacks up in our long list of notable vibes.

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The Star Sucker doesn't look like much at first glance. Though called Star, the shape is more like a square that's been squeezed a little bit. In my head, I'd been imagining something a little cuter (perhaps I was influenced by the name, which is similar to Cute Little Fuckers' Starsi, who is that cute). And like all suction vibrators, it had a suction mouth right in the middle. Cuteness notwithstanding, I made fast work charging Star up with its quick charging cable, and it was ready to go in no time at all (less than an hour).

Though I wasn't expecting much, I was seriously impressed by this toy on multiple fronts. First, it's so soft and shockingly easy to hold. Most suction vibrators that are clit-specific, lean towards the small side (mainly so they can be used during intercourse as well as solo), but Star has some heft to it, and the small "dents" in the Star shape made it ergonomically comfortable. I could see this being a really great toy for someone who struggles with dexterity, given how comfortable it was to have in my hand.
Based on my past (vast) experience with suction vibrators, I know that it can be difficult to find the right spot to latch onto (anatomy depending), but Star fit right between my legs with ease. As recommended in the instructions, pressing my palm against the back of Star while using the suction function allowed it to center itself and latch right onto my clit, exactly where I wanted it.

I also enjoy that Star not only has suction capabilities but also vibration functions. Because of its unique shape, the entire toy vibrates, allowing the user broad stimulation, as well as the targeted clitoral suction. The dual-purpose vibrator gives the user 10 suction and 10 vibration intensities for a choice of 20 modes total, which might seem excessive but it's not. As I turned it on, I realized that the intensities start out extremely low-powered, and each intensity is a small jump up. I wasn't sure if I'd like that, seeing as I've been used to clit-numbing suction-powered toys, but I actually really enjoyed my slow gradual build to orgasmic bliss. If you're looking to knock out a blackout pleasure-level orgasm in under a minute, my recommendation is to start off with the strongest intensity.

Despite (or perhaps because of) my non-existent expectations, I was fairly impressed by my time with the Star Sucker, and I look forward to trying out Hello Cake's other vibrators.
Something that I really appreciate about Hello Cake's line of vibrators is that they come with color-coded chargers. As someone who has a very large collection of sex toys (and it's growing bigger by the minute), it can be a frustrating endeavor to try and wade through a seemingly endless box of chargers that are just ever-so-slightly different (I try to keep them organized but they inevitably end up mixing together and creating a tangled mess). So, it comes as a huge relief that Star's yellow charger is unmistakable and easy to find. And as I put it away (after cleaning with the line's Toy Cleaner), I knew I'd be able to recharge it at a moment's notice.
I definitely think I'll be reaching for Star Sucker more frequently than I anticipated, and I think it's a solid suction vibrator for anyone looking to add one to their collection.
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