The ONLY Skirt You Need For Spring

It should come as no surprise that modern society’s ultimate It girl has created the ultimate It skirt. Like Diane Kruger, the face that launched a thousand ships, Alexa Chung for AG’s mini skirt is the skirt that launched a thousand skirts. In other words, it’s this year’s biggest viral hype so far; a skirt that has received more interest than any other skirt this year (fine it’s only April, but don’t be pedantic) – and why? Because a button-down denim skirt in the most appealing hue of blue is not a fashion item, but a perennial staple. It is impervious to trends and is somehow a bit 60s, a bit 70s, a bit 90s, and a bit now, all in one.
I’ve got a whole rack of button-down skirts (see here and here and here for just the tip of the iceberg) so this skirt was a no-brainer for me. It’s also turned out to be a winner with all of my friends that don’t work in fashion (that’s 90% of them, in case you’re wondering.) That’s the gauge I use to determine whether something’s a hit — when it translates outside of an often inward-thinking fashion vortex. It's a litmus test much more telling than my Instagram or my industry peers. When my friends who don’t give a flying fig about fashion covet what I am wearing, the power of a piece really shows.
This skirt nails it, and is no doubt the start of a lucrative career as fashion designer for the multi-hyphenate über-gamine Chung. My preferred way to wear it? With knee-high boots and a DIY ribbon blouse.
Click through to get the It skirt of the season, no matter your budget.
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