5 Trips To Take When You're Burnt Out At Work

Do you often find yourself sharing hyperbolic TGIF memes, and subsequently fall into an emotional rut when Sunday night rolls around? Welcome to the club: According to a 2016 report by the Conference Board, just under 50% of the American population is satisfied with their jobs. What's worse: Only 77% of workers are taking their paid time off in full.
Going on a well-deserved holiday will obviously improve your mental well-being and job satisfaction, but it's where you go that truly matters: Somewhere secluded is the name of the game — preferably with poor wifi access, so you can actually mean your out-of-office response.
We've put together five unconventional vacations to help you recharge, regroup, and take a breather from your overflowing inbox. Start saving up your annual leave now.

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