Blackmail Is So Passé! Regain Your Privacy With This Messaging App

Admit it: You've probably been guilty of social-media oversharing. Whether it's through a rapid flurry of Instagrams or a slew of Facebook posts, everyone in your digital circle knows exactly what you did last summer...and what you had for dinner last night. But, we have to wonder about the amount of privacy we're losing.
If the thought of big brother makes you squirm, Burn Note just might be your saving grace. The service, which is available for download on iOS and Android, allows you to send private messages that will automatically be deleted, through a nifty timer that begins ticking once the message is opened by the receiver. And, once it's gone, it's gone — on both the sender and recipient's ends, as well as the server. Plus, unlike Snapchat, Burn Note's "Spotlight" display system prevents you from taking screenshots of the entire message. (Blackmail was so yesterday...) So, if you've been dying to dish some salacious news with your long-distance bff, you can finally rest easy knowing no one else will find out about it!
Photo: Via Apple.

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