Just What Brooklyn Needs: Drunken Hipster Cyclists

We're concerned. Fort Greene's Red Lantern Bicycles has gotten their liquor license and the usual almond-milk latte you order is about to get spiked. In a trendy hybrid of bike shop-meets-cafe, the Red Lantern may become the coolest spot to get your day drinking on and then merrily peddle away on your two wheeler.
We're not the only ones who are suddenly picturing a bunch of plaid-shirt bikers swerving haphazardly around Fort Greene Park. The staff at Red Lantern are taking precautions to prevent any future BUIs (Biking Under the Influence, duh). They plan to establish a key check-in, wherein any afternoon lushes who overindulge will have to walk home and scoop up their bike in the morning. Gives new meaning to "walk of shame," doesn't it? (Gothamist)

Photo: Via Gothamist