Drink, Dance, Dress Up: Where To Go Out (& What To Wear!) In BK

New York City — the city that never sleeps. With a tag-line appropriate for an insomniac, it’s no wonder our nightlife scene doesn’t understand the meaning of the word early, either. And, in a land with a significant lack of shut-eye, we’re not surprised that when it comes to hot spots, one week you're in like Kate Middleton's outfit repeats, the next week, you're out like Ryan Lochte's grill. (Over it. Already.) To make sure you’re on the right side of the velvet rope, we hit the pavement hard to find where the after-hours scene is always hopping. Plus, because we love you that much, we’ve even put together ensembles for you to rock at all of our favorite hangouts.
First stop on our list? Greenpoint and Williamsburg, adjoining neighborhoods that have the bite of Manhattan without the tragic tourist factor. Ex-hipsters, Girls stars, emerging fashion designers, and OAK addicts alike hit the hoods for expertly-crafted cocktails, sweaty dance parties, and, of course, Brooklyn Ale. From libations by a pool-with-a-view to a menu just for absinthe, our cheat-sheet of p.m. go-tos is guaranteed to get you tipsy with the cool kids, whatever your scene. Go on and get busy — oh, and turn your A.C. off, you won’t be coming home early.

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