The Best Glow-Up Bronzers For Medium, Dark, & Deep Skin

Sure, luminizers are great, but in 2018, bronzers have become the unsung heros of glowing skin. Ages ago, people used them to fake a tan during the colder months, or added creamy formulas underneath foundation, but for some reason, people with darker skin weren't included in that narrative.
"One of the biggest myths of the beauty industry is that people of color already have naturally bronzed skin, so they have no use for bronzer," makeup artist Kilprity Moore tells us. "But if you look hard enough, there are amazing bronzers for everyone."
Highlighting powders can sometimes look too milled or too shiny on medium, dark, and deep complexions. But with bronzers, the formulas are typically warmer — meaning you can dust it on liberally for a glowing effect. So yeah, maybe you don't necessarily need to fake a tan if you're already blessed with melanin — but everyone can score a good glow up. Ahead, get the details on the best bronzers for medium, deep, and dark skin tones.

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