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Brights vs. Florals: Which Color Trend Has More Punch?

As we alluded to earlier in the battle of Glitter vs. Silver, spring is coming, and there’s a little conflict over which trend will be tops once the sun returns. This time, though, it’s not sparkly styles jousting against each other in this Nine West Trend Face Off, but a color war between the fun textures of florals and the powerful punch of seasonal brights. Representing the two camps for this trend face-off are Rachel Nguyen of the awesome That's Chic out swinging for botanically based patterns, and Anna Jane of the beloved See Jane representing pure, rich brightness. Again, you can determine the winner of this duel by tweeting #flashingourbrights or #poweredbyflower. Now, put on your sunglasses, because these vibrant choices might be too much for the naked eye.

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