Party Pics: Bad-Ass Brazilian Bash At The Boom-Boom Room

Eyes Wide Shut isn't just a movie starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, judging by what's happening at our desks right now. We're going to chalk-up our lack of sleep to those pesky Brazilians, who might possibly be the world's most excellent ragers. Last night was no exception at the after-party for the 8th Annual BrazilFoundation Gala, held at the Top of the Standard (both the Boom Boom Room and Le Bain!), and hosted by Lorenzo Martone, Fernanda Motta, Amanda Setton, and Pedro Andrade. While Gisele was a no-show from the preceding dinner at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, there was enough celeb eye-candy to distract even the most ardent modelizer. Jim Carrey and Kevin Spacey apparently love themselves some Rio (who knew?), Anne Hathaway, wore a jaunty hat, got cozy with Martone, and Leo DiCaprio made an incognito appearance—you would have been hard-pressed to recognize him unless you were two-inches away. Of course, Caipirinhas were on tap all-night long, meaning at a certain hour, the musical stylings of Julio Santo Domingo started sounding more and more like Samba, the Empire State building blurred into the Christ the Redeemer statue, and the elevator down to the chilly street could have filled in for a super-speedy TAM Brazil flight—too bad our ticket had to be round-trip.