Bradley Cooper Beats Ryan Gosling As Sexiest Man Alive

While you know our hearts are true to Ry-guy, we're pretty proud of Bradley Cooper's number one spot on People's 2011 "Sexiest Man Alive" issue— that knowing grin, those eyes, the way he speaks French without sounding like a d-bag — we dig it. What we're a bit more confused about is how Joel McHale and Josh Charles managed to sneak their way into People's top 10— before Gosling, no less! Okay, fine, maybe it's time to spread the love to some up-and-comers, like Game of Throne's Hawaiian hunk, Jason Momoa, or (wild card!) Tim McGraw, but let's be realistic here, if it came down to it, we'd choose Ryan at number 10 over (almost) anyone else on the list. But hey, Bradley, if you're reading this... way to go! Call us! (


Photo: Via People.