Book Marc Comes To Melrose Place

Marc Jacobs is the king of branding. It all started with his quirky line of clothes, but as soon as Marc by Marc opened its doors on Melrose, we couldn't get enough of anything with his name plastered on it. Latin-inscribed bracelets, compact mirrors, T-shirts, and flip flops were all the rage; and for those of you who went beyond the MJ accessories in the store, you'd notice a sufficient supply of art and fashion coffee table books. Then school supplies by Marc started streaming in under the name "Book Marc"—talk about being too cool for school! So as Marc continues to expand his avant-garde empire, what do you think is next on his list of things to conquer? A book store, naturally. Following the overwhelming success of the NYC edition that opened in September, Marc by Marc on Melrose is now Book Marc on Melrose: A store with shelves full of not only art and fashion books, but limited editions, signed collectables, journals and magazines, and of course a collection of Book Marc-branded goods—bookbags, pencils, and chic journals. Be sure to bookmark Book Marc for the next time you're in need of something a la Marc. (Mondette)