Swe-et Staycation: Peep This Blogger Babe’s Big Apple Itinerary

Ugh. Look, New York in summer can be beautiful and busy. But, more often than not, it's sweaty, smelly, and damn near intolerable. What's a lady to do with summer Fridays and long weekends when schedules (and cash flow) don't allow for a getaway?
Well, Bonnie Barton, the beautiful, vivacious blogger behind Flashes of Style (one of our faves), has yet to be beaten by the muggy Manhattan weather. She turns the NYC summer on its head, making the most of these months with rooftop parties, watermelon cups, and more exploits from the East Side to the West. Follow her through these in-borough travels, for tips on owning these hot days – and looking your best when meeting the heat, as captured in this charming Instagram slideshow.
Oh, and make sure you keep on clicking all the way to the end of the slideshow because we've got details on how to win some chic freebies and, really, who doesn't want chic freebies? That's a rhetorical question, BTW.