What Happens When Craigslist Meets Instagram — In App Form

Sometimes, you no longer want your vintage clutch, but you would love a new maxi dress. Or maybe you'd like to get rid of your kitchen appliances and would really love tickets to this Friday's concert. For those who want apples, but have oranges, Bondsy is creating a marketplace app where seemingly incomparable items become trade-worthy currency.
A new marketplace for items you can't put a price on, Bondsy is designed for friends who want to swap goods — or services, or opportunities, or experiences — without money. Friends can sign up and share items with their trusted networks by snapping a photo, writing a caption, and adding whatever sort of price tag you'd like. Offering up your old mp3 player for a new camera? Done. Want to trade a home-cooked meal for a dance lesson? Great!

Photo: Courtesy of Bondsy