Watch The Incredible Amount Of Editing That Really Goes Into One Fashion Instagram

Photo: Courtesy of @Marianna_Hewitt Instagram.
Instagram's mission is "to capture and share the world's moments," but everyone knows that even the best moments look way better with a filter. Nobody understands this more than top fashion bloggers, who make a living on lucrative endorsement deals, campaigns, and #OOTDs that persuade their thousands (or millions) of followers to click "buy." Over the years, blogging has evolved from a creative pastime to a possible six-figure career. And the selfies that come with the territory often look like they belong in glossy magazines — not a tiny screen. Not surprisingly, plenty of work goes into making the shots appear flawless. Although bloggers usually remain mum about the key to the perfect photo (it is their trade secret, after all) Life With Me blogger Marianna Hewitt revealed her editing process in a new YouTube video. Spoiler alert: Most of the work happens before she even opens Instagram. The 10-minute (!) clip begins with the process of selecting the selfie from dozens of options. Then, she'll use Facetune to banish stray hairs, eliminate shadows, and brighten her eyes. As for the picture itself, she uses Faded or VSCO Cam to add dimension, exposure, and add specific filters (she uses different ones for food, landscape, and selfies). If it seems like a lot of steps — and a ton of effort — for a single photo, that's because it is. But considering Hewitt's 406K Instagram followers, her painstaking editing process is obviously working. Now, the nearly 64K people who have already watched the video can reap the likes, too.

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