Blanket Coats: The Outerwear That Does Double Duty

We've been following the rise of the snuggie like children clinging to their hospital teddy bears. It was only a matter of time, we knew, before our beloved blanket-with-sleeves would pop up in high fashion form on the runways. And as the latest batch of pics from Paris prove, Comme des Garçons, Kenzo, and Chloé have all succumbed to the power of the snuggie. Whether it was sheathed like a hobo blanket around the body ala Comme or reigned in slightly with a waist belt and given some sleeves for good measure at Kenzo, we're calling the blanket the hot accessory of the season. Now this is an easy D-I-Y, folks, and there are endless possibilities to the blanket-as-coat. Wear one to the park on a chilly morning and take it off to double as picnic spread when the sun comes out. So go ahead: Cut some sleeves out of that old Navajo throw, and go forth and conquer.
Above, from left to right: Blankets cover the runway at Comme des Garçons, Kenzo, and Chlo&eacute (images via

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