Blake Lively Lands Interview's September Cover

We'd like to announce the news that Blake Lively is unstoppably heading for A-list status without really having acted in anything we've seen but Gossip Girl. Interview, like Vogue twice before it, is banking on the star's talent and ability to shift copies, by putting her on its vaunted September 2010 cover. On it, Lively looks gorgeous, with a vibe that's Lana Turner-turned-Patty Hearst. The blue-eyed, blond bombshell certainly turns up the heat from her alter-ego, Serena van der Woodsen (a feat we though impossible), with Craig McDean shots captured "on video"—look for the regal in a jail cell, come-and-get-me in a police waiting room, and a little pissed-off posing against some bars. What makes the pages all the more irresistible are the rumors that Lively herself is gunning for van der Woodsen to be killed off, so she can focus on her film career, which hits its first serious note is this month's heist thriller The Town, directed by Ben Affleck. It's only fitting then that Affleck is also the interviewer, asking Lively about everything from French couture week to her time in "the real projects;" She even makes a jab at his Bennifer-era wardrobe, while he says, deadpan, "You've gotten so much more bitchy since we wrapped the film" (read the whole interview for some chuckles). Now that we're fully up-to-speed on all things Blake, we're just wondering when the Vanity Fair cover comes out....
To see more pictures and check out the interview in its entirety, click through to Interview here.

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