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Black Women Weren’t Always Welcome In Luxury Spaces — This Is Why We Should Make It Our Own

How do you define "luxury?” The first things that might come to mind: the latest designer It bag, a multi-course tasting menu at the neighborhood's buzziest restaurant, a vacation at a pricey resort in some far-flung destination. While luxury may often be associated with expensive, extravagant products and experiences, for some, it runs much deeper than materialism — it’s how you perceive it. For Black women who weren’t always welcome in these spaces, luxury is doing what makes you happy and permitting yourself to enjoy them, whether that’s spending your hard-earned dollars on designer fashion or simply treating yourself to some “you” time.
For Team Unbothered, luxury means living with a capital L. In the latest episode of Weekend House, the crew steps out of the virtual office and heads to the desert for a lavish weekend getaway, embarking on a road trip from Los Angeles to Joshua Tree to unplug and relish in the finer things in life: a gorgeous rental home, plenty of R&R, and a cushy ride — the latest Next-Generation Acura Integra — to get them there. "We're here to celebrate Black women, luxury, and really just focus on ourselves for the first time in a while," says Ineye Komonibo, Unbothered's culture critic, who believes luxury is “about living in the now.” 
"It's super important for Black women to feel like they have access to Black luxury because, for a long time, [we were told] we couldn't have it," says Sandy Pierre, Unbothered's brand partnerships lead. For this reason, Black women must claim it in their own way, adds Venesa Coger, Unbothered's style & culture specialist. "We hold space, we take up space, and we make luxury [whatever] we want it to [be]."
Watch the video, above, to get a closer look inside Team Unbothered's weekend retreat — complete with a sound bath and a private chef-cooked meal — and hear more of their thoughts on why Black women deserve to indulge in luxury, however they define it.

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