Bicycle Built For Two: The Ultimate Tandem Bike For An L.A. Couple

Sure, Los Angeles is known as the ultimate driving town (who can forget that iconic scene in L.A. Story when Steve Martin’s character drives his car to his next-door neighbor's house?). But the truth is there are plenty of us Angelenos who are avid cyclers and ride all over the city. Whether snaking up the coastline from the pier to Malibu, or heading to the farmer’s market on a lazy Sunday, our fair city is a great place for a great ride. Thankfully, we aren’t the only ones that think so: Mistress Creative, a Venice-based design firm, has teamed up with one of their customers to create a custom and limited-edition line of tandem bikes, cleverly called the Mistress. Because no one can resist a bicycle built for two (especially with a sweet basket on the back), we promise you and your sweetie will be the cutest duo this side of the boardwalk.
For more information and pricing, check out Mistress Creative or call 310-399-1515.