How To Wear A Sweater When You Have Big Breasts

Photo: Courtesy of Katie Sturino.
As a plus-size blogger, I get a lot of "how do I wear this" questions, but come fall, the one I'm asked most is a common large-chest query: "How do I wear a sweater when I have big boobs?" I'm the first to say fuck the rules when it comes to fashion, but as a 38DDD, I know firsthand how difficult it can be to find a piece of knitwear that both satisfies your trend craving and fits across your chest in a comfortable way. And settling for a style that only does one of the two — or neither? No one has time for that.
Here's the thing: Dressing an ample chest for sweater weather can actually be counterintuitive. A loose-fitting silhouette may seem like the obvious choice (we are told to hide, after all). But a fitted option can actually work wonders when it comes to balancing out a bigger chest. For me, this is one area where I welcome a rule or two.
Here's how I wear sweaters all winter long without letting my breasts get in the way.

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