6 Running Fanny Packs That Aren’t Aggressively Dorky

Let's get this out of the way really quickly: fanny packs are not lame. We don't need Kim Kardashian West to bring fanny packs back, because they never left. Wanting to carry your belongs and access your hands is a very reasonable request. And if you happen to be running or working out, then having a fanny pack or waist belt can be incredibly convenient.
But the trendy belt bags or utility belts that Kim K. rocks might not cut it when you're going for a jog. Often when you're running while wearing a fanny pack, your stuff just moves too much, which causes pesky chafing, and makes you feel a bit like a human drop tower ride. (You see it, right?)
Enter, the running fanny pack or waist belt: handy belts that hold your stuff and are built for intense workouts. Ahead, we found the most useful running fanny packs that you may want to consider. And if you still aren't convinced that fanny packs are cool, these may change your mind.

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