This Bodyweight Workout Will Give You An Exercise High — In 12 Minutes

Bodyweight exercises are the best. They're usually small space-friendly (a necessity in the age of coronavirus when our home has also become our office and gym). They're easily modifiable to every level. They're inexpensive (you literally just need your body). And they really, really, really work. Some of my best endorphin rushes — and worst bouts of next-day soreness — have been brought on by bodyweight moves.
Kelsey Wells, a trainer with Kayla Itsines' SWEAT app, knows the power of bodyweight exercises. Her PWR at Home program (available on the app) now delivers 40 full weeks of no-equipment-necessary exercise plans. "There are a variety of ways to add intensity to your workout if you have no equipment," she says.
Need proof? Wells designed this 12- to 15-minute full-body bodyweight workout just for Refinery29 readers. It includes a superset, a circuit, and a burnout — and combines strength and high-intensity exercises to really get your blood pumping and endorphins flowing.
Grab a yoga mat, cue up the timer on your phone, press play on your favorite upbeat playlist, and start swiping — you'll be sweating in no time.

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