This New Mascara Trend Will Convince You To Ditch Your Extensions

There are a lot of spaces where channeling Marie Kondo comes in handy, like that awkward area underneath your bed, or your file-crowded desktop. But it's not all that often people embrace minimalism when it comes to their beauty routine, especially in regard to their lashes. Every blaring television commercial and glossy print advertisement boasts of formulas that will turn wimpy lashes into the eighth wonder of the world.
But what if you don't want the so-long-it's-illegal, mega-multiplied look? What if you want a mascara that lets your lashes look like your lashes, just a little bit better — thicker, darker, healthier, but still natural? The new modest mascara trend caters to just that. Brands like Glossier, BareMinerals, and Neutrogena are inviting minimalism into the mascara world, coming out with natural-looking offerings that might convince even the most dedicated extensions-wearer to convert.
Ahead, check out the mascaras that swap out feathery, fiber-packed formulas for something realistic and undetectable, supersized wands for skinny bristles, and simple, long-wear formulas that get the job done without all the fuss.
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Next time you're running into Walmart or CVS to grab a pack of gum or toilet paper, pop over to the makeup aisle and look for this bright blue tube of mascara. It's the perfect, no-fuss formula that makes lashes a little darker and lengthier — without any clumping or annoying post-application eyelid cleanup.
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Unlike most mascaras, Love Every Lash's spoolie-like wand is slim, and uses teeny-tiny bristles to scoop each lash without adding too much drama. It catches, it coats, it leaves your lashes a bit darker than you found them, without turning you into Twiggy. What's more, the formula focuses on nourishing and treating as opposed to peacocking; expect tons of conditioning agents that will keep lashes soft and strong, even after you rinse it off.
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Like a wash-and-go hair routine that requires minimal maintenance, this mascara gets the job done without all the pomp and circumstance. Expect some added length free of clumps, and an impactful deposit of tiny hair-like fibers that extend your look while keeping it natural.
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CoverGirl can give you your biggest, boldest lashes yet... or it can give you a quick blast of color that doesn't look extra. Sweep on this new formula to treat lashes to lush, conditioning ingredients — including coconut, avocado, and papaya oils — then sit back and admire the modestly volumized results.

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