The Morning-Routine Swap That Totally Messed Up My Life

As comfortable as we might be with our own morning rituals, it's impossible to deny the voyeuristic appeal of seeing how other people start their days. Maybe we're looking out for new quick-and-easy makeup tricks to make our five-minute routines even faster, or in desperate need of a new, less boring breakfast-wrap recipe, but there's a simple reason "Get Ready with Me" videos are scattered all over the web: They're just fun to watch.
And that's why we've decided to take it a step further, challenging two women to venture outside of their comfort zones and try each others' routines for three days. Sabrina Said and Andrea Fernandes are two New Yorkers with completely different getting-ready rituals: Said, a serial snoozer, wakes up with twenty minutes to get out the door, often doing her makeup on the subway before arriving to work a few minutes late; Fernandes wakes up at the crack of dawn, works out, does her makeup, and cooks breakfast... all before getting to work early. "Opposites" doesn't even begin to cover it.
Curious to see how switching up your habits can change your whole day? Press play on the video above to see how Said and Fernandes fared in this experiment.