Factoids & Finds From Our Favorite Mall Stores

Ah, the mall: It's where we discovered our love for window-shopping, our weakness for sugar-coated pretzels, and our unparalleled parking skills. We've all spent more time hanging in one than we're willing to admit — whether it was loitering outside of the movie theaters as teens or scrambling to find all the gifts we needed before the holidays. But, how much do we really know about our favorite haunts?
We've already explored the names behind some of our favorite stores. But, there are a bunch of factoids about the great American mall yet to be unearthed. Did you know that there was never an Ann Taylor IRL? Or, that Macy's began as a purveyor of dry goods? Or how about that many of your go-to stops at the mall first opened shop at South Street Seaport in Manhattan?
Brush up on your big-store history. And, check out some of the covetable merchandise in stock at some of our mall favorites while you're at it. Be a more informed shopper — or, at least, kill it at trivia night.

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