This Hack Will Save You So Much Money On Your Makeup

You don't need us to remind you that makeup products can be expensive as hell. Sure, there are a ton of amazing drugstore options, but when you fall in love with a pricey foundation or eyeshadow, it's hard to not keep coming back to it.
You could always wait (and wait and wait...) and hope it goes on sale one day — or you could get creative. But how? Let us introduce you to the wonderful world of cosmetic refills.
The concept is simple: Many brands offer refills for items like eyeshadows, foundations, and lipsticks — and those refills cost significantly less than if you were to buy the product in its original compact or package. Are you picking up what we're putting down? Is your mind blown?
This method won't just save you money — it will also cut down on the amount of cosmetic waste that ends up in our landfills. According to an EPA fact sheet published in 2014, roughly 30% of the items rotting away in our landfills in 2014 were containers and packaging. While not all of this was cosmetic packaging, every little bit helps.
That being said, we won't deny that there's a certain luxury in having a product in its original form — the heft of a well-made compact, the magnetic "click" that a brand-new lipstick makes as it snaps shut — but for those of you looking to save some cash, buying refills instead of the original product is a great option. Ahead, check out 10 refillable makeup items that will make your makeup bag and your wallet very happy.

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