Jelly Shoes Are Still A Thing — & Now They're All Grown Up

With the return of just about everything from the '90s (Chokers? Check. Baby tees? Check.), haven't you stopped to think, But, wait, where are my beloved jelly sandals? The truth is they never went away. Yep, those colorful sandals in all their plastic glory are still happening, only now, they're all grown up.
Trust us, this is the last thing we would think we'd be calling a classic — but, we can actually see something super timeless about these youthful styles. Who doesn't love a waterproof shoe, first of all? And second, any shoe that's just plain fun to wear gets five stars in our books. And, with today's new silhouettes and takes on the trend, you'll get just a hint of nostalgia without straight-up feeling like you're 12 again. Hopefully, though, they're a little less sweaty and don't have that strong identifiable plastic smell when you first take them out of the box...
But alas, these are risks we're willing to take to keep jelly shoes part of our wardrobes well through adulthood. See, mom? Some of our 1990s fashions weren't just a phase.

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