32 Hats We’re Dying To Wear This Fall

We almost never leave the house without sunglasses. A purse is absolutely mandatory, no matter the occasion. And, we feel naked without at least a few pieces of jewelry. But, a hat? Thanks to L.A.'s year-round warm weather, statement hats are often sadly overlooked. We don't give them nearly as much attention as the rest of the accessory clique — which is a shame, since they're a foolproof way to tame your mane or add some much-needed drama to a basic outfit.
Well, circle today's date in your Moleskine, because this is the day we put an end to your hat-neglecting ways, once and for all. From a pom-pom-baseball-cap combo that's wildly adorable to a felt bowler that would complement just about any outfit, we've rounded up a whopping 32 hats that are ready and waiting for a spot in your closet. Wide-brimmed and floppy? Check. Knit and cozy? Check. Join us, as we kick off this very serious hat brigade.