Halloween Finds For The Girl Who Hates Costumes

There are so many reasons we love October. The leaves start turning, the temperatures cool (but aren't yet frigid), and it's acceptable to count pumpkin spice as part of our daily vegetable intake. And, on the last day of the month, we get to put on disguises and gallivant about town. It's a time to let our imaginations run wild when it comes to costumes — which may not sound appealing to you at all. We're looking at you, people who've drawn eyeliner cat whiskers on their cheeks for three years in a row.
If you're a tad lackadaisical about dressing up for Halloween, there's a way to join the fun without totally committing. After all, a bone-shaped bracelet paired with similarly themed loafers makes for a chicer skeleton than that store-bought version. We found 16 spooky accessories for the costume naysayers.