The 100 Best Gifts For Less Than $100

Our family, our friends, our significant others, our coworkers... We'd ideally like to give all of these people (and more) the best presents possible. But, when reality sets in (a.k.a. the real amount of money that's really in our bank accounts), we usually find ourselves having to cut people off the bottom of the list — sorry, yoga instructor — to ensure we're able to cover the most important ones and still pay bills.
Editing down your number of giftees, however, isn't the only solution. Though you'll need to get creative, there are tons of smart, off-kilter items that are low-priced enough for you to spread holiday joy far and wide. To make it easier (since we know just how many hours can be spent looking for said pieces), we've rounded up 100 great gifts — all for less than $100. Remember: It's the thought that counts, and with these unexpected ideas, your present will immediately feel even more thoughtful.

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