6 eBay Fashion Stores Your Closet Will Love

Style envy is normal. It happens to most everyone, most every day. Usually it manifests as a casual ogling of a coworker, BFF, or complete stranger for that matter, followed by an impulsive, "Where did you get that?!" The majority of the time, the answer is, "Oh, I just picked it up at [insert fast-fashion retailer here]." This is comforting, knowing you, too, could easily have that same head-turning piece for hella cheap. But on occasion the response is more like, "I found it on eBay." Our reaction: mad respect.
You see, though eBay's a known fashion mecca that's been booming for years, people tend to imagine a long, labyrinth-like journey to find an epic, one-of-a-kind piece on the site, oftentimes not without a serious fight to become the highest bidder. Indeed, eBay is the biggest outlet mall meets auction house you'll ever visit: With millions of sellers competing for your dollar, everything from the highest of high fashion to the fastest of fast fashion is up for grabs. But for those who frequent the site, it's as simple as knowing which stores carry the best stuff. So in order to make your trip to the marketplace as easy as a Zara drive-by, we partnered with eBay and made a list of some of its best fashion stores, both high and low, for scoring stylish steals. (Pro tip: Once you identify a store you like, you can subscribe to its newsletter for deals and first looks at new loot. Cool, right?) Read on for your eBay fashion hit list, then bookmark all tabs, girl.

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