8 Chic Clothing Items You Can Buy At The Drugstore (Really!)

Photographed by Rachel Besser.
Walgreens has always been my favorite store. Growing up, I'd ask my parents for Walgreens gift cards on any given holiday. But the one by my house in downtown Chicago was different than the average location. Besides the stock of amazing knickknacks, like the hilarious red inhaler clip I wore on my jeans (the only time I loved having asthma), it also sold rad clothes.
No, seriously. It sold clothes. And the store never ceased to amaze me. One day, I'd find sweatpants with "Chicago" plastered on the butt. The next, I'd score a vintage-looking pullovers that read "The Windy City." Plus, there were always homemade-looking tees, dresses, and sweats that made me wonder if a friend of mine was making and selling them on the down-low. It became a cool, secret place to shop; only a few other kids from the neighborhood knew of the splendors inside that Walgreens — and we relished in it.
Of course, not all your drugstores are a style haven. With all my time spent digging through Walgreens for hidden fashion gems, I became a pro at navigating all drugstores — not just for Advil, but for unexpectedly cool clothes and accessories. Obviously, you're not going to build an entire wardrobe from your corner shop (and some do have more of a bounty than others), but there are definitely key pieces to look out for while you're buying yourself some Band-Aids. Ahead, you'll see what I keep my eye on every time. Consider this our little secret.

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