Pre-Distressed Jeans Always Falling Apart In The Wrong Places? Read This.

We have a bone to pick with our pre-torn denim. Namely, it's always falling apart — and in all the wrong places. You know the type: When you bought them, they were the perfect amount of distressed — the knees and thighs were worn in, but not overly so. But, over time and with much wear, these once-perfectly-ripped jeans have transformed into some sort of weird leg-covering that's shredded beyond recognition. Entire body parts are exposed to the elements — and not in a good way. We know we aren't alone in this conundrum. Thankfully, there's a remedy.
Discerning shoppers that we are, we scoured this season's distressed-denim offerings for styles that'll hold up to walking, bending, squatting — you name it. The key is to choose pairs with rips and tears in less-expected places. So, avoid super-sheared knees (that's just asking for it) and wide rips that will expand excessively from simple, everyday use. Click ahead to feel a (w)hole lot better about distressed denim.