The Most Ridiculous Louboutins We Can’t Believe Exist

I have a foot fetish. Okay, fine, it's more of a shoe fetish — largely thanks to the king of fanciful heels, Christian Louboutin. When I first spotted the designer’s signature red sole on the foot of a childhood friend's mom, I stared blankly, unable to take my eyes off of those shoes. They were glamorous, luxurious, and so Parisian. If only those crazy, glamazon kicks came in my size — you'd better believe I'd slip into a pair.
Luckily, the next best thing to wearing Louboutins is being able to see them up-close and personal by working in fashion (and spending one too many hours clicking through images on the Internet). Today, to honor Christian himself on his 52nd birthday, I’m sharing 10 of my favorite I-can't-believe-these-exist pairs to buy now. These are the finds that make me a believer.