How To Pick The One Handbag You’ll Wear Forever

All things considered, you've been pretty good this year: You reined in your foodie impulses to two dinners out a week; you only called for a car in torrential downpours; and instead of succumbing to your shopping cravings, you got creative with your styling. So, dropping a little something into your own stocking feels well deserved, don't you think? Well, cross something off that wish list you've been scribbling since last year: the perfect handbag.
Ahead, we've picked four wear-forever bags sure to complement every style. And, we've taken it one step further and broken it down to the best shapes and colors for every aesthetic and personality. Whether you're a trendsetter who's itching to try this season's oxblood hue or a classic, carry-everything kinda gal, we've rounded up the luxe accessories, courtesy of Cartier, that are right for you. Consider this motivation to keep you on the right path into 2015.