22 Camping Essentials To Make Roughing It Less Rough

Sure, city life is great, but it’s no wonder Troop Beverly Hills packed up their pumps for a wilderness adventure when you consider the number of awesome camping destinations in L.A.'s backyard. Drive an hour or two in either direction, and you’ll find beauty unlike anything at the mall. But you'll need supplies to survive a few nights in California's backyard.
To help you out, we've rounded up the raddest camping gear on the market and organized it according to the three main types of camping us Angelenos (should) do on the regular: beach, desert, and mountain. If you’re destined for a night under the stars in Malibu, Joshua Tree, or Big Bear, consider this your ultimate shopping list. Because as Phyllis Nefler knew, camping is a whole lot better with the right merch.