20 Bras That Deserve MVP Status

There's one type of support we need that doesn't require a listening ear or a shoulder to lean on. When it comes to our bras specifically, our concerns are of a more physical nature — meaning ones that'll lift, pad, sculpt, and so on. After all, we spend (most of) our days strapped into 'em, so it's only fitting they, well, fit.
Our objective isn't just a flattering shape either. We'll pull out all the stops for comfy waistbands, cool full-coverage options, and styles that pair well with tricky necklines and backs. What's more, we recognize good when we see it (preferably reflecting back at us in the mirror). So, in the slideshow ahead, we culled 20 MVP picks — underwire, triangle, strapless, longline, and more — to suit a wide range of busts and cup sizes. Go ahead, they'll perk you (and your girls) right up.