Yes, An Athleisure-Only Wardrobe Can Work (Even At Work)

Over the summer, I wore athleisure clothing for an entire month. It was a wholly professional endeavor, I swear — I was doing it for a story. And I was very committed to the challenge of wearing gym-appropriate clothes to all kinds of non-gym places. Everywhere I went, and for anything I did, I was outfitted in attire that could potentially be worn for a workout. I ended up enjoying the experiment far more than expected, though it can get very pricey to wear the (increasingly less) casual category 24/7.
I owned ample exercise garb prior to kicking off 31 days of athleisure; let's just say my leggings collection couldn't be crammed into a single drawer. But the objective was to make sure I didn't perpetually look pre-, mid-, or post-workout. So I sourced a selection of athleisure items that looked like..."normal" clothes. That meant dresses, skirts, and skorts, plus shirts that could pass muster at, say, a birthday party or a family gathering, without looking like I was about to go run a couple miles.
Ahead, check out an (almost) exhaustive rundown of what I wore during my month of all things athleisure.

This story was originally published on August 31, 2016.

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